Playful Pets

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We're looking for authentic images of your adorable pets for a new campaign. We want all of the photography to be playful, some of it to be through the eyes of the owner, and some of it to be pets interacting with humans. They can be indoor or outdoor -- we are looking to capture the pure joy of pet ownership, wherever and whenever these quirky, fun moments may occur.

Please adhere to all the guidelines below:

* Dog and cat pets always needs to be pictured with collars on our site
* We love authenticity; pets should be in situations they got into by themselves. We should feel like the pet's owner just happened to capture them in a photo, rather than that the owner staged them for a photo.
* We don't like anything that feels uncomfortable to the pet, whether it's a precarious perch, too much heat, a tight costume, or anything else.
* We love over-the-top emotion, quirkiness, hilarity, gleefulness, silliness
* We would love to see more mixed-breed pets and we like a mix of older and young animals.
* We'd love to see some cat photos, too.

Additional Requirements
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Photo Size:
4MP+ (ex: 2272x1704px+)
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6 months ago - I work for a rescue. Can I submit photograph of adoptable pets, as long as I adhere to the guidelines?