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Need a photo for new landing page for Jetpac City Guides of someone capturing a fun moment in their city with their iPhone.

The scene could be at a bar/restaurant, coffee shop, a park or maybe enjoying the view on a scenic hike. Jetpac City Guides is based on an analysis of all the Instagram photos people share around the world and the photo should reflect capturing a happy moment and sharing a recommendation for something other people would also enjoy experiencing.

What we're looking for:
- Daylight or "golden hour" images
- Landscape format
- Main object should be to the left or the right leaving room for marketing copy to one side. This area that will be behind the text should preferably be lighter, darker or without busy elements to make the copy easier to read.

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4 years ago - Thank you for the nomination! Hope I captured what you were looking for!
4 years ago - Thank you for the nomination.
4 years ago - Ah thank you!!
4 years ago - Thank you for the nomination, everyone has great photos!
4 years ago - Thank you so much for the nomination! :)