Personal trainer & client (Updated)

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A personal trainer and client outside or in the gym exercising.

Photo needs to be trendy/hip/powerful. Not stock looking at all. We are looking for a high quality photo to use on our main landing page. We are a personal trainer-client matching website.

Male personal trainer (approachable, not intense) with female client (fit, not ripped) - ideal. However, if you have a better combo - go for it!

Our hope is we can find a good photographer to work with in the future. We are launching nationally soon.

Visit our site here: Thanks all - Get creative!

This was just extended and the price was increased from $50 to $100. Needs to be in Landscape view and needs to be sleek - powerful.

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5 years ago - Great - thanks.
5 years ago - Either or. We can adapt. Thanks
5 years ago - Would you prefer full frame photos, or for the trainer & client to be on the side of the shot so you can include copy?