Taking photos of glasses or keys with an iPhone 5

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Used as a hero shot for a landing page. Our app service allows users to take a picture of an item and request a shipment of the featured item.

Blurry background would be great with some green color. Indoor picture would be ideal. No need to show the head/face of the individual as the main focus should be the user taking of a picture of the item by tapping on their iPhone 5s. Ideal photo has an aspirational feeling and motion.

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4 years ago - Thanks for the invite, I'll see what I can come up with
4 years ago - Thanks for the invite!
4 years ago - I actually wear glasses, but I have an iphone4s. I'll do my best to get an iphone 5...Thks for the invite!
4 years ago - Just submitted some cropped on white but different perspective. Tell me if you prefer on clearer table? Or on a clear surface? With more deep background? Portrait o landscape?
4 years ago - @cxv Hi Christian, you specifically want an iPhone5s? So, an iPhone4s would not be acceptable?
4 years ago - Hi, It would be best if the picture did not show the actual iphone screen but instead it was a picture of a complete setting.