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We need an image for an article on hard drive backup strategies for video professionals. We'd like a nice shot of a desk that looks like a professional video editor's desk. Google "edit suite" and you'll see some examples. Wacom tablets, multiple monitors, color control surfaces, Mac Pro or other high-end computer, speakers, etc. You don't need to include *all* of that, but you need something that says "pro video." It can't look like a generic desk. If we're seeing the monitor in the shot, please have some pro editing software on there (Premiere Pro, Final Cut, Resolve, or Avid).

I'm hoping there's someone on this site already has some pro gear and can just snap a photo of his/her desk.

We'd like the hard drive (or drives, or RAID) to be prominent in the photo, since this is an article about backups.

I attached several examples of photos that would work well.

I am willing to pay more than $100, but this is my first time using Snapwire, and so I'm not comfortable committing a lot of money since I don't know what the quality will be. If I'm happy with your image, I'll increase the payment to $150 total.

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1 year ago - Could you please close the request, if it is finalized and you don't intend to buy other photos? Otherwise all photos submitted are blocked as submissions. Thank you.
1 year ago - I have multiple angles and setups available but missed the deadline to upload all of them.
1 year ago - Please make another request. I have what you are looking for, but I can't do it on time for this one. Thanks!
1 year ago - Can you please tell us more or nominate photos aso we knie what youre looking for. Thank you 😊👍🏻
1 year ago - Hello, do you want a clean desk or should it look like someone is working on it? (for example with coffee cup, eyegalsses, pen, etc....?)
1 year ago - I submitted a photo that is not exactly what you described in the brief, but it might be a better metaphor for backing up data. It's a photo of a harddrive that is being drilled into to represent the stealing of data. If it cannot be used then disregard the submission.
1 year ago - @David As you mentioned, hard drive shall be the prominent. So, is it fine to have it in focus and other photo elements are out of focus? Also what's your preference for angle? Is plan view accepted?