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I need images of mothers interacting with their babies for Facebook and Instagram.

I would love to see images of mothers and babies playing a game, changing diapers, enjoying lunch time, brushing teeth, taking a bath, sleeping, etc.. The idea is to give the impression that these are real mothers, living real life events. The images must transmit a cozy feeling and soft mood. Mothers and babies must look natural and appear authentic. Their situations must look natural as well. Cannot have images with a "stock photo" look. Looking for mothers (age 25~40) and babies (age 0~2).

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4 years ago - @deboratorri Hi, Debora! Due to technical problems, I missed the deadline to post my photograph for this request. If you are interested in check it out, you can find this submission as a profile upload. Thanks for your attention to this matter.
4 years ago - Thanks for purchasing my photo.
4 years ago - Thanks for the nomination and purchase! :)
4 years ago - @deboratorri Hi Deborah... I have several more photos I can submit to this request, but only if the mother knows the specifics of the job. i.e. What is the client? What product or service will the photo be promoting? Your response would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again. :)
4 years ago - @deboratorri Hi, Debora. I was wondering if you might be able to say what product or service these images will be used to promote. It's always nice to be able to tell people what their images will be used for, especially when it comes to pictures of their children. Thanks so much. :)