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We want authentic images of authentic people holding cables or wires to all sorts of in-home entertainment systems.

We really need clear pictures, please don't use filters. We need the person(s) on the image to be included, not only hands holding something. All sorts of settings are thinkable, from connecting cables to a stereo, tv or playstation, or another creative setting. The images should reflect everyday people, not too posed, with a fun character, so no images with professionals installing or holding cables. We want fun pictures!

Keep in mind the cables to be used in one image should be from the same category, e.g. cables to connect a monitor in one image can be different, but have to 'fit' in the same category. In previous example you can use VGA, DVi, HDMi or Displayport. Images will be used on our website as headers for categories. So we can use images from audio- or videocables, monitor cables, tv connections, Playstation, Xbox, Nintendo, PC....everything for IN-HOME Entertainment.

In a nutshell: Entertaining, fun, everyday people using or holding cables in their everyday life.

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5 years ago - Thank you very much for the nomination!