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Riviera Towel Company Santa Barbara
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We are looking to build an archive of unique imagery that captures the essence of the Riviera Lifestyle.

We are looking for a body of unique images that display our stylish towels in abstract interesting ways.

Wrapped around a statue ?
On a hang glider ?
Flapping out of a VW Van's window on a Surf trip?

Santa Barbara offers so many opportunities for creativity we'd leave it up to you.

We would be open to an open ended assignment that gave you towels to take on your adventures for a fixed fee.

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Messages posted by users

3 years ago - Where can I get some of your towels for a shoot?
3 years ago - hi
3 years ago - hey
3 years ago - @Dipadova I'm in the greater LA area and work with models, brands, etc. on lifestyle and product photography. Would welcome a discussion on collaborating. Thanks.
3 years ago - We have worked with beach towels before, how much do you offer to shoot one of yours?
3 years ago - I'm from Ventura and my gf works in Santa Barbara. I am interested in working on this project.
3 years ago - I'd be very interested in working with you guys, making it a true collaboration not just a creative endeavor.
3 years ago - On my way to Santa Barbara to visit my family would certainly be interested in doing something for you, in England at the moment but there on the 21st until 4th July
3 years ago - I'd be thrilled to tackle this assignment, and hope to have someone reach out to me regarding any possible opportunity to do so!
3 years ago - I'm in Oahu and would love to be a part of this opportunity!
3 years ago - I would be open to the challenge. Please review my portfolio and see if my creativity fits with your needs. I live on the opposite coast, but I can work around that.
3 years ago - I'm interested in this assignment