Passover (Pesach) - Seder
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We are looking for an image of a Seder for the Jewish holiday of Passover (Pesach) for the 2015 Diversity Calendar.

Examples (also see reference images): a family gathering for Seder. Preparation for, or images of, a special community Seder. Traditional preparation of matzah shmurah. The photograph should depict the culture in a positive light, tell an interesting story or provide a learning opportunity, and be positive and visually engaging. Preference will be given to photos with additional bio/backstory details.

Model releases are required.

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4 years ago - @diveroli, sorry for my delay in replying. Secular or Orthodox is fine. Our top priority is to have images that tell a positive, educational and/or interesting story. For that reason, most of the photographs we choose DO have people in them. No, it's not important that the people be related.
4 years ago - @divcal Did you only want images with people in them? Did you have preference for family shots? Orthodox (as all your reference material was Orthodox) or Secular too?
4 years ago - Hi there, was it mandatory to have people in the shot?