A Couple's Feet or Hands Together

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I am looking for a number of shots of a girl and guys feet shot in side view or their arms and hands only (sitting at a table, having a conversation).

Looking for vibrant and creative images in the same composition - side view of young girl and guys feet, cropped above knee to see location surroundings, wide angle shot (but not too wide angle). I need to put text on the left. It would be good to also capture a girl and guy's hands (maybe holding something to aid the conversation and not necessarily holding hands).

Image should suggest friendship, connection, casual relationship (not cliche romance), hanging out, enjoyment, real life, boarder line hipster but not hipster (more on trend). Locations that I like are: park, beach, coffee shop, Red Church Street, London (cobbled street) or Meat Packing District, New York (urban and graffiti). Open to other compositions of couples feet but the example shown seems to work best.

Please avoid images framed too tight or too stock photography like.

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5 years ago - I will post the original, and see what you think.
5 years ago - Jeremy the picture is good but can you more closely match the poses in the example? Also it would be good to see the picture with no colour alterations - send original picture if possible. Styling - the female styling is perfect, can the male to wear a pair of vans? display minimal branding
5 years ago - Thanks for the nomination, is there a change I could make in this photo?
5 years ago - It would be great if we can get the concept of friendship across and less romance.
5 years ago - Happy for you to submit the image - let's take a look
5 years ago - David is full body closeness ok or are face strictly prohibited
5 years ago - A quick not to all participants. Could you please contribute images that are not 'cliche' romance and more casual friendship. The mood should be something casual, feel real, not forced, not 'holding' hands ('together' suggests close together), age between 22-37, girl and guy. See examples in brief