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Images on a mobile device like Facebook Paper iPhone in the hand or on table.

We'd love to see an iPhone with a screen loaded with the FB Paper App (with out the branding). Looking for a number of pictures that are very close to the aesthetic (only - do not capture their logo) of the images used for Facebook Paper. We can not use any photos with the Facebook logo so keep in mind, it's about the aesthetic not the actual app. Only shoot iPhone 5c or 5s in hand or placed on a table. Ping me with any questions using the comments.

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4 years ago - Thanks for clarifying. And thank you for two nominations!
4 years ago - There was a typo on the request. The kind folks at Snapwire helped me revise it for me. It was one of their account managers who modified it with a typo. For clarity purposes, no FB branding please.
4 years ago - Very confusing request...You would like images of an iPhone in hand or on a table with nothing on the screen? Or would you like Facebook Paper to be showing? Elaborate!
4 years ago - Just to be clear. You can use the Facebook logo, or can't?
4 years ago - How many images are you guys looking for? And you say you want the phones to be using the Facebook Paper app?