Vibrant top down party table

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We are looking for a staged photo of a vibrantly colored party table. The table and object must have a color theme being used throughout. We are going for that "elegantly disheveled" look.

Gifts, confetti (mild), pennants. We do not want anything that has obvious event type themed stuff (i.e. happy birthday tags, anniversary cards, Christmas bows, etc...)

We are trying to convey the idea of a party, not necessarily birthday or kids parties though. The composition must be vague enough to convey a party of any kind for most age groups. (hip young mom throws party for child, family friendly, millennial surprise party, etc...)

It must be hip, fresh, colorful, but intentional looking. The example photos pretty much sum it up. As close as you get to these would be awesome.

Looking to buy more than one photo if thet are quality and match our vision.

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2 years ago - Could you tell me please what's wrong with the other one?
2 years ago - Thanks a lot for the nomination :)
2 years ago - Thanks for submissions everyone, we are in review now seeing what fits the bill.
2 years ago - @liek52 we are in review right now
2 years ago - Are you going to buy something???