White ipad close up

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Buyer review complete, Marketplace review

Large close up photo of a white ipad being held by female hands

1. Hands should be female, neatly manicured, clean nails, no polish, no rings
2. Size has to be 22.5" x 17.5" at 300 dpi - being used in OOH
3. back ground can be blurry, but background should indicate that they are on the move - on a bus or subway, maybe in a park, at an airport


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4 years ago - Opp... Know anyone with a white iPad! :)
4 years ago - Thanks for the invite btw! I don't have or know anyone with a white iPad :)
4 years ago - Oh no! I have a set of images ready but I just missed the submission close. Any chance you want to open it back up?
4 years ago - Any certain "age" of female hands? I have access to teenager through elderly females I could use.
4 years ago - thanks for the question, we will be adding a screen later, but thanks for asking
4 years ago - Do you want something specific to be displayed on the iPad screen?
4 years ago - sorry - it should be 150dpi at size given