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jayson wright
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contemporary street culture shots of skateboarders

Subjects should be male, approx age range of 17-30. Must have visible street cred such as tattoos, beards, attitude etc. Demonstrating typical skate tricks in an urban environment. as well as shots walking away from camera, whilst holding their skateboards in their hands. can be individual skater, or numerous, as long as there is room to edit out unwanted people. prefer plain white shirts, dark jeans. We are looking to have at least one shot re-touched (ourselves) to include a backpack, so a clear shot from behind,walking away from camera is mandatory. background should not be too busy.

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4 years ago - Looks great, Jayson!
4 years ago - hey @drew33 you can check out one of the uses here;
4 years ago - Awesome...Thanks, again!
4 years ago - hey @drew33, thanks for the great submissions. it will be in a brochure and possibly a website. i'll send you a link when done!
4 years ago - Awesome, Jayson! Thanks for the purchase! Where might I see this? Digital media? App? Print? Just curious. Thanks again!
4 years ago - @marchaydenphoto nice style / lighting /filters. For this purpose, we need to see the upper body as well.
4 years ago - Thanks so much for the nominations! Please let me know if you'd be interested in alternative crops or edits.
4 years ago - Oh sorry ! I will post some a visible upper body (:
4 years ago - Hi @margotgabel really like the style of your shots. However, for this purpose, we need to see the upper body. If you have any, would love to se them!
4 years ago - Hey Guys, thanks for all the great entries so far. We've nominated a few but are still happy to look at some other options! Feel free to submit!
4 years ago - Thanks, Jayson! I was able to post a couple shots earlier today.
4 years ago - hey drew33 yes, its an open request - should be able to post. may be a bug on the Sanpwire side of things? P.S. nice work btw :)
4 years ago - The request has re-opened for submission. Thanks for your patience. Can't wait to see everyone's photos!
4 years ago - Can I please join in the review
4 years ago - I'm unable to post here. Is this an open request?