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What does "Employee Playground" mean to you? I know I'd like to work someplace that feels this way: So what does it *look* like?

I'm excited to see what work + play means to you! No right or wrong answers, but we're going for compelling without being cliche, inspirational but not intimidating; evocative, inclusive – remarkable - images. Use your imagination; abstract or conceptual submissions are fine. I'm working on a start-up that will create "employee playgrounds" for our clients, and the photos could be used for our Web site, social media sites, sales collateral, other marketing, internal media, etc.

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4 years ago - thanks john - love workplace so I'm thrilled. Let me know if you want original untouched files as well.
4 years ago - Honored with the nominations, John! Thk u very much!!!
4 years ago - oh cool! thanks : ) if you ever find yourself in boston go visit this place...so inspiring!
4 years ago - Thank you so much for the nomination! Can't wait to see who wins!