A designer at work

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We need a photo of a designer collaborating with others at his desk in a cool environment

Photo could be taken from the top or over the shoulder, but any kind of creativity is welcome. It's important that he is working on a Mac ;) Photo should be focused on the right side so we can put copy on the left side. It needs to fit http://render.ly perfectly

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5 years ago - Thanks for the nomination
5 years ago - Jacob, sorry I didn't get more images. Ran out of time. Hopefully, someone submitted a good one that will work for you. If not, let me know, and I'll get some more shots.
5 years ago - Jacob, I'm gonna try to get some more images for you, something different than my other submissions. Hopefully something that will work for you.
5 years ago - I know I'm crossing a couple of guidelines, so I was wondering if you would still be interested in work that crosses these lines. Within two weeks I should regain access to the location I shot the picture, so perhaps I could help you better next time.
5 years ago - Jacob, I didn't know gender didn't matter, so I didn't submit one of my images that has a female designer. If interested, you can see it in my profile because I also submitted it to another project. -Randy
5 years ago - Gender doesn't matter :)
5 years ago - Nice to see that the deadline has been extended. I couldn't get a chance to submit any photos last time. Just a question: Should the designer be a male? because the creative brief says "his desk".
5 years ago - I didn't get a chances to submit :-/ hopefully you can extend this one
5 years ago - Jacob, I submitted two images. In one of them, as you'll notice, I cropped it down to a 11x5.75 format (and darkened it a little), which is what I estimated from looking at Render.ly. I can re-crop it, as well as the other un-cropped image, if needed. -Thanks
5 years ago - I'm trying to get some shots for you. I'll submit them in a few hours.
5 years ago - Fit render.ly - we mean the website. Mac logo doesn't have to be visible, it just has to look 'cool'.
5 years ago - Two more questions. Does the Mac logo need to be visible? If so, does reuse of the image for your product fit within copyrights by Apple? -thanks again
5 years ago - When you say fit render.ly, do you mean the full version online, and/or the iPhone app? -Thanks