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Looking for a closeup of someone using a computer (prefer a mac book pro) with the brand obscured or blurred.

A colorful background and screen in view would be preferred. Should be brightly lit. Possibly outdoors. Casual use of laptop, not an office environment, would be great... coffee shop, park, patio, etc. The shot should sell a mobile casual lifestyle more than the computer itself.

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4 years ago - So you all know, there's another very similar request open. Many of these submissions would be a fit.
4 years ago - Cool. Thanks for your response. :)
4 years ago - Hi Vicki - Yes, a tablet would also work. The image will be used to illustrate prizes being awarded as part of a fundraising raffle... Both laptops and tablets are included in the prizes. So actually, both could work and are needed. :)
4 years ago - Hi, Kyle. The last sample photo you provided shows a tablet, rather than a laptop... Are you open to images of people using tablets as well? Or should submissions be strictly laptops? Thanks.