lost in the middle

kari young
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This is for an article on young adult cancer. We would like to show how adolescents and young adults are trying to cope with this disease.

Photo should be of a young woman or older teenage girl looking lost. You can use special effects showing the bewildering array of choices a young person has to deal with when diagnosed with cancer.

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4 years ago - Due to inactivity by the user of this request, it has been closed by Snapwire.
4 years ago - Yeah, I don't understand why people don't read the creative brief. You can't get nominated or sell photographs if you don't try to post what the buyer wants and you can't know what the buyer wants unless you read their description.
4 years ago - I have to agree with the two above. Not reading the description and posting whatever is both unprofessional, and as Julie said, tedious.
4 years ago - ^^^Seriously. It's getting out of hand. It makes it tedious to look through entries.
4 years ago - Its clear that people do not read the description .