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We need hilarious and REAL day in the life mom moments with kiddo(s).

We do not want pictures of you looking super pretty for a photo. Who looks like that after dealing with a screaming child all night? We need funny! Please do not add text to your photos as they are in the inspirational samples. So example ideas are: a selfie of you in your car with the kiddo in the back seat doing something like spilling cheerios, or packing your car for a one night stay somewhere with no room to sit in the car, or looking haggard while drinking coffee (or wine!) with crazed children in the background. The imagery of motherhood in the media today is like a fairytale that no one actually lives. Come out from behind the camera and start taking photos of you, an amazing mom, in your natural habitat, in your natural form. BE FUNNY!

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5 years ago - Thank you for the nomination!
5 years ago - Thank you so much for the nomination!
5 years ago - Thanks for the nomination! It was a great shot getting them (my wife and kids) in a natural situation like this. Truly a supermom!