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Heroic young farmer in field at sunrise / sunset. Need shot ASAP.

Need a shot of a farmer in a field, but our client has some very specific requests:

- young farmer, ideally looking into horizon, or holding produce
- sunrise / sunset lighting
- potato / tomato / strawberry / field crop - NOT wheat (though the right farmer could be composited into the right field? or maybe lighting keeps the field semi-generic?)
- medium perspective - not a tight crop on the farmer
- very heroic / anthemic
- vertical orientation

Ideally, we'd get images by Monday at the latest!

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5 years ago - Any news?
5 years ago - Planning to get some shots for you tomorrow (Saturday) and will upload them no later than Sunday.
5 years ago - How young of a farmer are you looking for? I can go as young as my 9 year old but would rather photo shoot more of the age you are looking for if you can provide an age range. Thanks!
5 years ago - What type of clothing does the client want the model of the farmer to be wearing? More rugged farmer clothing or a clean cut look?
5 years ago - I will submit them by Monday!
5 years ago - Going to take photos for this tomorrow or Sunday! Excited.
5 years ago - What type of model release is required?