Girl on Swing

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We want authentic photos for a book cover image. A teen girl seen from the rear view on a swing

Should be shot in color, but also for Black and White usage.
Want a teen girl 16-18 years old with long Blonde hair, wearing a thin (almost sheer) white cotton button up shirt with long sleeves rolled up...and black converse sneakers
She should be sitting on a city swing (black rubber swing with chains) and have her back to us. She should have her hands on the chains at her side, and have her feet look like they are dangling. She should be sitting still, not swinging.
We will superimpose her against a city skyline.

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4 years ago - @kristin smith - Thanks for the nomination! Can always submit other pics if there is a little something that you want changed.
4 years ago - Also, do you have a preference on high top vs low top converse?
4 years ago - Do you have a preference on bottoms (shorts vs jeans)?
4 years ago - My photo does not have a girl on it, but in case you wanted something over a city that still had a swing in it - I wanted to post it!