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Overall vision is to convey the beauty service industry in a new light - current state of images are either too fashiony, cheesy and too stock-like.

Need more real-life context, airbnb/uber style photos where it conveys the lifestyle and emotions attached to consuming a beauty service. Whether it is getting a haircut, manicure, etc. The act of making yourself pretty which empowers you, makes you feel better and happy and confident.

Also the makeup artists, manicure artists are not well portrayed in photos. They are our living artisans of today who are deeply passionate about their craft. how do we convey that passion via photos? less L'oreal redken big fashion show type or swanky salons but going back to basics of individuals who just love their craft. the deep relationship between an artist and the subject (customer)

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4 years ago - Thanx for the nomination
4 years ago - Thank You for the nomination. Bless/Helena
4 years ago - I sent in a few photos of my goddaughter (Who is starting her career ) as a professional make up artist. I hope they are what you looking for ! -If NOT-please contact me and I'm sure I can get them for you. ~~~Keep on keeping on ! ! !