Luxurious lifestyle on a cruise ship

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An Image that says LUXURY cruising on a cruise ship.

Image Can have a stylish sophisticated woman, a man or a couple 35-50. Ship should not be recognizable as any particular cruise line. Candid shot that doesn't look staged. Will be cropped vertically with negative space for type overprinting. Image should have a fine art feel with mood.

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4 years ago - Thanks for the nomination.
4 years ago - Arggggh! SO bummed I missed this request! I have a few pictures I would have loved to submit! Drat! :o(
4 years ago - Ditto!
4 years ago - Thanks for the nomination. If you need anything, please tell me.
4 years ago - Haha, I'm not to sure. I'd have to look thru some old files. Ill check
4 years ago - @N8valenz Do you have any additional frames of this man where he is not so explosive with joy?