Communion, host, bread, chalice, grapes

a Church bulletin
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Communion, Host, wheat, bread, chalice, grapes

Interested in still life shots, African American hands holding a host or chalice. Can be in Church, but does not need to be.


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4 years ago - Okay, thanks so much, Laurie! Please consider inviting me to any future requests you think I may be good for! :)
4 years ago - I only needed the one communion at this time. I will post again when I need a group of them. By the time I found this site, I had 8 of them already purchased. Watch for more requests. I will be in need of many more images in the future!
4 years ago - Thanks for the purchase, Laurie! What a pleasant surprise! If you're interested in purchasing multiple images for this request, please let me know, as I may have the opportunity to do additional shooting for it. Thanks again! :)
4 years ago - Thanks, Laurie... I know exactly what you mean by needing them for pre-printed bulletins. To clarify, do you think you'll be buy more than one communion image? Or are you only looking for one image of each subject you listed in your previous comment?
4 years ago - But I will be posting for them as well.
4 years ago - I am actually looking for many pictures. These would be used for Church bulletins. Crosses, bibles, Churches, Christmas, Easter and Thanksgiving. Like candles and Easter lilies, but not Easter bunnies or Santa Claus or such. Thanks!
4 years ago - Laurie, thank you very much for the nomination!
4 years ago - Thanks, Laurie... I'm still curious about what I asked above... :)
4 years ago - Hi Laurie, are you looking to purchase multiple images with different communion-related imagery? Or just one of the above ideas you've mentioned?
4 years ago - Sounds great!
4 years ago - I should be able to shoot this over the weekend :)