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Looking for a great dove picture to use for a bulletin cover.

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5 years ago - Should've read the comments before posting. So sorry no white doves in my area. This guy was just hanging out on my birdbath. Surprised he let me pick him up. Thought maybe he was sick but he flew away shortly after. Again sorry it's not a white dove.
5 years ago - Also, some of the people doing this are considered experts or advanced, and should definitely know better! Ok, I'm done ranting now.
5 years ago - @ joserui, I believe some people are submitting anything to get the points. @snapwire, maybe the requester should be able to reject photos cmpletely on those grounds.
5 years ago - I am looking for a white dove in flight. Other Confirmation symbols would be good, but not sure I can get this in a photo (Flames, Dove with cross, etc.) I know this is a hard request, but thought I would give it a try.
5 years ago - Also are there other acceptable symbols of confirmation you would like to see? Like rainbows? Or is this for a specific symbol of confirmation (the word has many spiritual meanings!)
5 years ago - Are you looking for a symbolic white dove or could a turtle dove be of use?
5 years ago - Don't understand why people don't read the brief , mind blowing .
5 years ago - ...animals showing in confOrmation classes. Understable mistake, but not on topic for "confIrmation".
5 years ago - Ha ha. Both dog and horse pix are of any
5 years ago - Kristin Simone - can you please remove the nomination from the picture of the horse under my Confirmation category? Thanks much!
5 years ago - The only way to take it off is if the person who put it on goes into his sidebar then manager and deletes it @kirsten simone thats the way to get it off but i don't understand why it was put on in the first place.
5 years ago - If someone can tell me how to take it off, I would be happy to.
5 years ago - I nominated this picture in error: Kristin Simone - horse. For sure nothing to do with Confirmation. I clicked on it to make a comment. Sorry about that.
5 years ago - White dove (Holy Spirit) = Confirmation.
5 years ago - Something like requirement to earn first 2-3000(for eg) points on @snapwire challenges before being able to submit to buyer requests would definitely improve quality of submissions..
5 years ago - They just won't take this seriously. Maybe some mechanism needs to be put in place to give few warnings to offenders and maybe ban them if repeated?
5 years ago - Lol I'm with you Melinda! I understand that sometimes themes are very broad and everyone can interpret it in different way, but this is just silly! This clearly damages @Snapwire image, and some buyers most likely won't return after being spammed with off topic images..
5 years ago - I'm confused by all the non dove pictures from advanced participants. @snapwire
5 years ago - @ Laurie Hillersheim - are you looking for a particular color dove?