Inspiring, Reflective, Meditative

Anchor Wallace
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Inspiring, loving, kind, simple images. Many themes needed. Need 1 photo for every Sunday of the year.

Pictures need to be light, bright and not to busy. Family - happy, joyful. Children/Child - playing, laughing. Hearts - wooden, cloth or other. Nature - new growth, trees. Seasons - nature images of all 4 seasons. Patriotic - US flag, Military. Light - lighthouses, lamps, candles, sun, sunrise, sun through window. Garden - tools, produce. Still life - meditative, inspiring, thought provoking. Churches. Closed bible, Crosses. Hands - raised, worshiping, praying. Water - calm, still. Paths. Farm - harvest, crops, barn. Weathered - bridge, barn, rocking chair. Fishing. Labor - tools, helping, volunteering.

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Inspirational Images

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