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To be used on the cover of a global brochure full bleed A4 size, Vertical Orientation and a high res (2800 pixels or greater).

Silicon Valley, Northern California. From a locals perspective, not touristy. Photo to show skyline and mountain range NOT Stanford University. Ideally highlights various architecture and landscape views as well as color hues. Try to stay away from pink adobe. 3 dimensional in nature. something unique. The satellite dish off highway 480 would be a good subject as long as you can see part of the city behind it. groupings of different type of buildings is a plus.

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4 years ago - Thanks Lillian! So glad the photo worked out for your needs :)
4 years ago - Hi Lillian, not sure what your plans are for inside the brochure, but I have an image that you might find of use for communicating ease of travel an accessibility to Silicon Valley. The image is an indoor shot of San Jose airport arrivals/departures. Chris
4 years ago - Thanks Mat. Very good shots of the valley. We will let you know when a decision is made about the images submitted.
4 years ago - @limartinez - thanks again for the invite, and sorry it took me a while to upload photos. Here's a few vertical shots for you. Please let me know if you'd like to see anything tweaked.
4 years ago - This brief was just updated. The price was increased and a high res file size was requested (2800 pixels or larger). Also they are looking for vertical shots. Good luck everyone!