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Closed because I no longer need visuals for this project

i bought photos from another request related to this one

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3 years ago - Closed because I no longer need photos. i bought photos from another request related to this one
4 years ago - Don't worry Ellen, your images were great! Thanks for making Snapwire a better place :)
4 years ago - This is a follow up to a previous request. He needed a few additional photos from a group I had already taken.
4 years ago - Pro Tip: when you don't know what a request means, Google it...or better yet, ask! Cupertino is in the United States, by the way.
4 years ago - Oops, feel like I came in at the end of a movie. Is this req open?
4 years ago - Great, thanks very much @Snapwire
4 years ago - Ok thank you @Snapwire!
4 years ago - Hello Damian and Ellen, We will be in touch with you both privately since we don't usually give out email addresses. Talk with you both soon.
4 years ago - Leave your email here and I will send the others over, no problem. Thanks!
4 years ago - @ellen1071 Hi Ellen, they've asked me to create a new request and will give me a $5 credit. That should get the remainder of the money to you. After this 3rd photo I believe you still had some more. Is there any way you can e-mail the rest to me? Thanks. Damian