First Aid - The Recovery Position (Update)

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Following a theme from a previous request I'm after action shots of kids performing the first aid move "The Recovery Position", for blog use.

These are photos for a set of online blogs being written on why kids should learn first aid. The photos should show kids performing the steps of 'The recovery position' on either other kids or adults. As this might be a little more complex, I've included a set of sample poses as an idea of what I'm looking for. Apologies for the quality, but they should give the idea.

Indoor or outdoor is fine, and the angles can vary - they don't need to match the samples necessarily, but, a mix of close ups and wider shots, as in the examples would be good.

In terms of composition, the preference would be for the first aider to be younger than the victim, if both participants are kids.

Update: The second example image was just added. The client is looking for additional positions like these two.

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