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I need a happy shorthair dachshund in profile or 3/4 view. The classic dachshund pose where you see the funny length of the breed.
Must be looking at camera. Super smiley and super happy is ideal, but will potentially go for other expressions such as proud, snarky, dopey, etc. Definitely need an expression though. This will be for a greeting card - so we have to either laugh or say "awwwh he's so cute" about the dog. Strongly prefer the brown shorthair version, but ok if there is a really great/expressive black one. Please take a look at examples - they are pretty good, but I am looking to better those. Shot in studio or outdoor (no crazy shadows). Clean paws.

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1 year ago - Thanks for the nomination! Even though he is a purebred piebald Dachshunds are so rare they often get confused with a mix.
1 year ago - Thank you for the nomination.
1 year ago - Thanks for the nomination! :)
1 year ago - Thanks for the nomination!
1 year ago - Hi @ebojo. Thanks for posing your question. The quick answer is you can't be sure. My job is to provide the art director with the best dachshund photos I can find. To be honest they can be picky at times. However, I have had success/purchase with snapwire before! I am hoping we get more. :)
1 year ago - Same question Eddie
1 year ago - Thank you for the nomination)
1 year ago - Hi, @marcavanti. I'm confident I can get you what you're looking for, but several of your previous posts didn't result in a purchase. How can we be sure it'll be worth the time to make you a great image? Thanks.