Swimming pool tile/edges (Updated)

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Need swimming pool tile/edges, shot low angle, with water in foreground. It will be used as a greeting card background.

Need image which shows the edge of a swimming pool, preferably with pretty tile, shot very low angle. As if shot from inside the pool looking at the front of tile/edge. Would be a bonus if there was blue sky above the pool edge, but other simple backgrounds such as hedge, or grass, or wall above pool edge could work. Nothing too busy. The water must be in the foreground, and must be in the shot. FYI: we'll be placing a small dog via photoshop on the edge, or at the edge. We can see only a line of the edge (such first example given), or we can see a little of the top of the edge (such as other examples). Either one of those angles, but must be low!

Update: We would like to see more images with very still water, fancy pool tiles and room above the pool's edge (here will be elements placed into the image later). The angles of the nominated images are great (looking up slightly at the pool edge) but the water is not still enough. Thanks everyone!

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5 years ago - @Marc Rampulla I submitted a few more. Hope one of them work for you.
5 years ago - Uploaded, hopefully this one works better for your needs. Thanks!
5 years ago - @Robert Baranja Nice tile... but we need space above the edge of the pool to place a dog. See examples and nominated pix. Also water perfectly still.
5 years ago - Cool - I can turn off the fountain for still water and get more room at top. Stay tuned...
5 years ago - @Monica Jones This is the pretty tile the art director is going for. And the fact that it's a sunny day is great. The only thing missing is we'd like the water to be still. And a bit more room above edge (for placing dog).
5 years ago - Thank you for the nomination. I have variations of my photo if you need them. I have one with more sky and less water and also one with more water and less sky. Let me know if you need them!
5 years ago - Thank you for the nominations.
5 years ago - Thank you for the nominations!
5 years ago - Thank you got
5 years ago - Are you looking for a portrait or landscape photo?
5 years ago - For the image I selected if need be I can make the ledge taller via photoshop if you need more space!