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I am looking for images of people at events or festivals that will be used to advertise event software.

I would love to see images of people interacting with each other at an event doing things like riding a roller coaster, standing in line, using smartphones, dancing, laughing and having fun, etc.. Please show me the energy and excitement that is experienced at fairs, concerts, sporting events, comedy clubs, wine festivals, night club or outdoor festival. Looking for real moments of people at the events and not just your typical crowd shots.

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4 years ago - Thanks for the purchase Matt! Look forward to helping out out again sometime.
4 years ago - Honored, Matt!!! Glad u have liked our work... thks a lot!!!
4 years ago - Thank you for the appreciation!
4 years ago - Hey all! Some really awesome photos, we're blown away. Made a few purchases, and we definitely plan on making more purchases in the future, too. There's seriously some great shots here.
4 years ago - Thanks so much for the purchases Matt! So glad I could help you out on this project :)
4 years ago - Matt, you have made my day!!! Thks for the nominations!!!
4 years ago - Thanks for the noms!
4 years ago - Thanks for the nomination! Great photos on this request.
4 years ago - Thanks so much for the nomination! :)
4 years ago - Awesome work! Going to keep nominating stuff and will be making purchases this week hopefully. Everyone at Cvent is loving the stuff we've seen so far!
4 years ago - Thanks so much for the nominations Matt! Very honored! :)
4 years ago - Thank you for The nomination!! :-)
4 years ago - Thank you for the nominations! There's some great picks on here.
4 years ago - Thanks for the nominations @mattrichards - I uploaded a few more along the same genre for you.
4 years ago - The rollercoasters are great, but we're mainly looking for crowd shots of people either waiting in line, enjoying an event or festival, or using their mobile devices. It can be anything from a comedy club to a theatre performance to music to outdoor festivals! Thanks for the great photos