A Man riding a sport bike

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We want authentic photos of a man riding a sport bike on the street.

Photos should not look stock or posed. We want this to be an action shot of a man riding a sport bike fully dressed in gear and helmet turning a corner if possible or just leaning over on the bike. This should be shot out in the countryside or in a remote area without a lot of busyness in the background. Please send us the most realistic looking photos possible. The bike should be within two years old and blue if possible. We would also like the gear and helmet to be blue. You can color correct those elements if needed.

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4 years ago - I will be on the lookout! Thanks again!
4 years ago - John Pope, I am going to get snap wire to re-open the request so that you can submit the larger photo for us to purchase. I am not able to purchase it from your profile. Thanks so much!
4 years ago - Melissa, I have uploaded the full size image to my profile. I have the raw image if you need. Thanks again, John Pope
4 years ago - Yes, I will provide shortly, thank you.
4 years ago - John Pope!!! I need your nominated shot to be larger before we can think about purchasing. It needs to be at least 8 x 10 inches at 300 dpi. Do you have another size?
4 years ago - Thanks for the nomination @Melissa Bishop!!!!
4 years ago - Thank you so much for the nomination @Melissa Bishop! I'm glad you liked the shot...:)
4 years ago - @Melissa Bishop- Put up a bunch of shots with subtle variations in angle and view of the bike. If you are looking for something else or a wider shot please let me know. I have a ton more pics. Plus quite a few of the submitted pics were cropped down.
4 years ago - Most of my bike shots with guys are on Harleys, but I figured it would not hurt to post a woman on a sports bike instead.
4 years ago - Melissa Bishop Thanks for the nomination. I hope this will help.
4 years ago - Photographers, we like shots from both of you. But we really need the shot of the bike to be coming at you from the left leaning left and shot at an angle that shows the right side of the bike along with the front. The sample shot we included that has been clipped out is closest to what we need.
4 years ago - John Pope, we like shot 2 but we would like the bike to be leaning the other way and would like to see a couple versions of subtle angle differences, meaning: some showing slightly more of the side of the bike with better lighting on the bike.