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We're looking for authentic-feeling lifestyle photos that capture the life and challenges of raising young kids, from toddlers up to age 5 - although with a primary focus on toddlers. We need to see the parent(s), or at least part of the parent(s), in these photos, as it's all about that moment between the parent(s) and child(s).

Raising young children is a lot of work, but also very rewarding. We'd like to see images that represent the full range of experiences. Like helping them brush their teeth, trying to get them to go back to sleep, fixing them up after they get hurt, helping them to take their first step, EVERYTHING!

Additional requirements are:

- We need ETHNICALLY DIVERSE subjects
- Natural lighting
- Subjects should NOT be looking at the camera
- Please avoid any details that anchor the photo to particular season, such as gloves/mittens, snow, beach, etc.

Additional Requirements
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2 years ago - thank you for the nomination
2 years ago - Orientation: portrait.Seen some pics that are portrait.Nothing against,they are really beautiful and sweet.I just wonder how they can be uploaded.
2 years ago - Thank you very much for the nominations!