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Hero image for the home page of a web design agency: It should embrace progressive technology. I want you to use your creativity.

I'd prefer not to be able to see the content on the device. Focus of the image should be on the emotion of someone enjoying technology. Subject should not be smiling, but engaged in the devices content or looking on into the distance. Use your creativity and judgement on finding a photo that fits the site and product we sell (web design and application development)

- I'd like to overlay white text on the image
- Photo needs to be landscape layout
- The photo should be clean and crisp to match the site's style
- Subject in the photo can be outside or inside.

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5 years ago - How we looking man? Liking the shots so far? Just that one popping out for you at the moment? Always great hearing what you think and getting a little more direction as we go
5 years ago - Thanks for the invite duder. Look forward to adding a few shots over the next week.