Vison of the mind

Nanu Miah
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Creative creation beyond the Human mind

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4 years ago - More information would really help out here. Over 1000 photos and nothing nominated.
4 years ago - Reported him again......we'll see what happens.
4 years ago - I know....I don't think he has entered a photo in any request.
4 years ago - I reported this but it's still here. It is annoying, unethical and just plain scammy.
4 years ago - Thank you Mark, been growing tired of seeing that same solicitation popping up in all the briefs I'm following
4 years ago - @snapwire...I honestly don't think this should be used for advertising!!
4 years ago - I agree with Ches. Brief is very ambiguous and vague. More information and specific details please.
4 years ago - Hi, I was wondering if you could add a little more detail about what your looking for in your brief. Thanks!