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We are looking for honest authentic photos of one or two people enjoying a healthy meal at home (inside or something like a patio or porch). The photo should not contain extraneous or superfluous elements and be relatively minimal with the focus on the enjoyment of the meal. Bright natural light with lots of whites. Modern and clean feeling. Room for text or copy is nice but not necessary.

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2MP+ (ex: 1600x1200px+)
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4 years ago - @Natty - Thank you for the third nomination. If there's anything I can do to improve the image and still get it to you, please let me know.
4 years ago - @Natty - Any updates on this request would be greatly appreciated, thank you!
4 years ago - Greatly appreciated..thanks for the nomination
4 years ago - They specified people in the photo and yet nominate a photo without people....confusing.
4 years ago - @Natty - I greatly appreciate the nominations, thank you!