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We need photos of the exterior of all of our restaurants. Outdoor only.

Please label the photos with the city and location of the restaurant (i.e. name of Mall, shopping area, landmark, etc.)
Orientation: Horizontal
Considerations: Show was much of the restaurant as possible as well as key surroundings

Additional Requirements
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Environment :
Lighting :
Space For Copy :
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Messages posted by users

2 years ago - I deleted most of the Boise pictures by accident. There is one still submitted. I can upload the others again if you want.
2 years ago - @pfchangs are there any updates?
2 years ago - Wow, still no response from PF Chang's...next time I'm going to listen to Gary.
2 years ago - Jennifer, I am just wondering what's going on with the whole thing to be honest.
2 years ago - Jennifer, I agree too.
2 years ago - Jennifer I was thinking the same thing, there are two or three locations I would go and get but I just wanted to make sure I was on the right track.
2 years ago - Just wondering if this request could be extended and some nominations given to show that we're on track with the current images?
2 years ago - Eric, Fresno is all you, I'm all the way down South, Oceanside.😊
2 years ago - And I didn't have any issues with all 8 locations I shot...in fact I parked in the take out at each one, got the best angle and went on my way. If anyone had asked I would have explained I was on assignment for the restaurant itself.
2 years ago - @Gary, as long as they are paying for the photos, why would that be an issue? Maybe it works best for them that way. I always assume the best with any of my clients. People want photos for different reasons and this is a good way to get multiple locations from a large pool of people. 😊
2 years ago - pf changs seems to be using people as a cheap way to make sure their locations are up to standard, I wouldn't waste my time with this.
2 years ago - Just uploaded images from the Sherman Oaks Galleria. Many thanks to Operating Mgr., Laurel Hatcher for getting security off my back.
2 years ago - @Vicky that's awesome. Now who wants to drive to Fresno? 😊
2 years ago - @Eric, I've already been shooting Southern California.
2 years ago - Do you want just pictures of the main entrance? Or anything/anywhere that has the restaurant and name showing?
2 years ago - @pfchangs, I took care of the 8 locations in the SF Bay Area and I can cover all of California and even the surrounding areas if needed. The 8 from the San Francisco area have been uploaded already,
2 years ago - @phchand
2 years ago - @pfchangs I could do WI if need be.
2 years ago - @pfchangs I'm in Seattle, could do the surrounding locations.
2 years ago - I would love to be involved in any in the north puget sound area. I'm crossing my fingers the snapwire folks can help you set this up for you. Thanks so much for thinking of the snapwire community for this project.
2 years ago - @pfchangs If you do want to send requests by area I would be happy to cover all of Michigan as well as the location in Toledo, Ohio. I'm planning on shooting them this week. I've submitted one so far (Northville, MI). Cheers :)
2 years ago - Give me a few days and then we will decide on how to best go about sending separate requests for multiple locations within a city. Thank you.
2 years ago - @pfchangs, I'm close to 5 other stores in the area; But the contest is limiting me to the two pictures, already submitted. If you'd like me to get more shots, (like Bobby recommended) contact me directly to set up a private request for all locations in San Diego/Orange county. Cheers
2 years ago - @pfchangs: do we need to apply to shoot a location or just upload pictures? Is the payment per picture selected or per entire shooting?
2 years ago - @pfchangs if you'd like to set up a private request for all locations in the Minneapolis / Twin Cities area, I'd be happy to shoot those for you