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Hi, I want you to create a photo quite similar to the one attached. I will provide a the letter for you to hold. Want lots of expression on your face like you are really excited about what the letter says. Want the photo to look like it was taken by a friend on their phone. Thanks

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Messages posted by users

1 year ago - Thank you @pprmedia for buying my photo! I'm happy to have been able to fill your request. =)
1 year ago - Thank you for purchasing my photo! 😊
1 year ago - @Nathan thank you kindly for the nominations.
1 year ago - I can make you very happy with my happy face so send me that letter :)) maria.horghidan@yahoo.com
1 year ago - Ciana06@aol.com - please send me the letter. Thanks!
1 year ago - nena.0021@yahoo.gr
1 year ago - Re age/gender: looking for adult women but also happy with adult men. Please make sure they have really expressive faces and also take the photos in landscape. Thanks
1 year ago - Here is a link to the letter: https://www.dropbox.com/s/uhm3svy62cuu8m0/PPI%20Refund%20Letter.pdf?dl=0
1 year ago - I’d like to receive it. bobbi@splendore.co
1 year ago - Please message me with your email address to get a copy of the letter
1 year ago - @pprmedia I would love to give your request a shot. If you could please send the letter to: photosbymabel@gmail.com
1 year ago - @pprmedia, I’d like to receive the letter and participate on this request. :) please send it to bmg.samui@gmail.com
1 year ago - @pprmedia, I’d like to receive
1 year ago - @pprmpprmedia
1 year ago - Could you send the letter?? Edgarpizano@gmail.com and let me know gender and age of the model? Thanks...
1 year ago - Please send me the letter, camnottam@yahoo. What age/gender are you looking for?
1 year ago - @pprmedia you can send me the letter, I have male and female teenage models in male and female adult models that could be holding the letter. Thank you cheers
1 year ago - Any way I can get a letter?
1 year ago - What kind of letter?