City & Surf Meet

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Looking for a blend of the city and the surf, i.e. Manhattan meets Coney Island.

Think Surf, Beach, Tiki Hut, Harlem, New York, Hudson River, Brooklyn Bridge blend.


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4 years ago - This submission is still showing in review. Will you be purchasing more images?
4 years ago - Thank you so much for the nomination
4 years ago - Thanks for the purchase
4 years ago - Hi @rsolomonjr1! So glad you were happy with my photos, I have submitted a few more if case you were after anything else!
4 years ago - @Rodney Solon I have a few with sailboats I'll post them and you can check them out.
4 years ago - Thanks for the assistance. I saw some w/ sailboats. Those are even closer to what I'm looking for. However, I may get my clients to purchase yours for inner pages (BK Bridge shots)
4 years ago - @Rodney Solomon I posted a few photos. Are those the types you are looking for?