A woman pushing a stroller

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A woman pushing a stroller with a phone in hand.

I'm looking for a photo of a woman (shot taken from just behind the shoulder - can't see head) who is pushing a stroller (one hand) and has a smart phone in the other hand. The face of the phone should be prominent because I'll want to photoshop a mock screen in there. The hand, phone and stroller handle should be in focus and everything else should be blurred. There should be some nice flashes of bright colors in the background (like in a playground or something). Some sunlight and lens flare would be great. To use an instagram preset...I'm going for an 'Amaro' look. This example image was the closest we could find but we don't necessarily want the mother taking a picture of the baby.

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4 years ago - Thanks a lot, @sitterfied!!!
4 years ago - @sitterfied Thanks so much for the nominations, James. Hope the images prove useful for your project. :)
4 years ago - Yay!!! Super!
4 years ago - This request has been extended until Sunday. Good luck!
4 years ago - It has been rainning on and off. Didnt have enough time to go during a nice sunny afternoon to a playground. I will do my best, thks James!!!
4 years ago - @evagolightly - Hi Eva, my only suggestion is to find an interesting/colorful backdrop (city or park playground). It will be blurred but it provides good contrast. Also, try to show to keep the phone face large and close. Thanks!
4 years ago - I will be shooting this afternoon. Any suggestions or comments, James? @jamesnanscawen
4 years ago - This has been extend at the clients request. Good luck with the weather everyone!
4 years ago - Excellent, James!!! I will have enough time to do it this weekend!!! :-)
4 years ago - I'm happy to extend to allow for more opportunistic weather. Important points - interesting/colorful background (but blurred), tight shot on phone with hand (but you can see part of the stroller), no need to see woman or child
4 years ago - James, as Vicki well remarked, weather has not been helpful. Rain and cold winds have been the cause of my delay to shoot outdoors (live in NYC) Do you think it is possible for you to change the deadline, and give us few more days? Thanks!
4 years ago - @sitterfied Hi James, I may be able to give this a try, if it doesn't rain all weekend! :)
4 years ago - @James - I re-posted the street photo...let me know if you would like me to try anything else. I am going to try to get a shot with a better background but it might be a couple days. Thanks!
4 years ago - @atutorow - thanks for your submissions. For the photo where the perspective is over the left shoulder (with street in the background)...I'm wondering if you can tighten the shot (zoom in on the phone more)?
4 years ago - Thank you for the invite I will give it a try. :)
4 years ago - Thank you for the invite! I'll see what I can do.
4 years ago - Thks for the invite! Scouting for shooting...
4 years ago - Thank you for the invitation :)
4 years ago - Thanks for The invite!! ;-)
4 years ago - If you extend the time frame, I can get some images for you.