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Skillshare is an online learning community where you can take thousands of classes to improve your photography skills. Skillshare has provided Snapwire users with an exclusive 3-month free trial along with some curated classes we think will help you take the best photos for this challenge.

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In this Challenge, we'd like to see your creativity and talent in street photography. Remember that framing and timing are some of the keys when shooting for street scenes and people's behavior in public places. Know what you're trying to imply in your photos, take different angles and be patient until you achieve the perfect shots.

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2 years ago - Hi everyone, thanks for the submissions! We'll be reviewing images over the next few days, winner will be announced on Monday March 6th. If you haven't already, you can still redeem your free 3mth Skillshare trial here:
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2 years ago - Added a photograph of Mumbai's most wealthiest businessman's house. Check out my profile😊
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2 years ago - Hi, compliments for your project it seems very interesting, I've named it to some friends that teach online! I've just uploaded New photos of Amsterdam and Rome streets landscapes.. check them out! ;)
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2 years ago - Hi everyone, thanks for all the great images, the quality has been great across the board. If you haven't already, you can redeem a free 3mth Skillshare trial and take some great classes on Street Photography using this link: Thanks all!
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