Cinco De Mayo

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Today is May 5th, which is also referred to as Cinco de Mayo. What began as a day of remembrance of the Mexican battle of Puebla, has for many become a day of cultural celebration. All over the United States and in Mexico, Cinco de Mayo has now become a day of Mexican cultural celebration. We want to see how you celebrate Cinco de Mayo. Images can include traditional celebrations or meals, the colors green, red, and white, or anything dealing with Mexican heritage are welcome. Submit the best image of your celebrations and take take away $75! Good Luck and Happy Shooting!

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4 years ago - Congratulations @mario_chavez for winning the Cinco De Mayo challenge. We loved the way that you captured this authentic and exciting celebration.
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4 years ago - @ncruz I was in Sayulita last year too! I have almost the exact same picture! :) Amazing town!
4 years ago - Thank you for the nomination! I really appreciate it!
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