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This Snapwire Challenge will be anything BLACK because black is beautiful! Could start from black coffee, blackboard, abstract, art, clothes, black cloth, black texture, shoes, food, your favorite things in black, black interior/exterior design, paint, flowers, animals and of course, portraits of proud people with their dark color as dark as black. If you have releases for identifiable people / place in your photos, please upload them too.

We will add all nominated photos to a new Collection and will share them to our social medias so be sure to follow us. Goodluck and Happy Shooting!

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Architecture Fashion Food and Drink Abstract Art Home Interiors Objects People
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1 day ago - Thank-You for the nominations, it is a very interesting challenge, nice variety of images.
2 days ago - Thank you very much for the nomination!
3 days ago - Thank you for the nomination !
3 days ago - Never knew there was a comment section 😝 But thank you for the nomination!
1 week ago - Thank-You very much @Snapwire for the nominations !
1 week ago - thank you for the nominations 😉😊
1 week ago - Thank-You so very much for the Nomination !!!
1 week ago - Thanks so much for the nominations!!
1 week ago - Thank you for the nomination! :-)
1 week ago - Thank you for the nominations!
1 week ago - Thanks for the nomination!
2 weeks ago - Thanks.🍒
2 weeks ago - Thank you for the nominations 😀
2 weeks ago - hi
4 weeks ago - Can anyone help me out about how can I send model release!
1 month ago - what do y'all think of the Mustang and Aventador?
1 month ago - I'm so happy because don't know about but it is my best experience At last I say thank you all of you
1 month ago - Thank you for the nomination :)
1 month ago - Thanks a lot for the nominations♪
1 month ago - Thank you very much for the nomination.
1 month ago - how can you nominate someone or get nominated?
1 month ago - not happy my photo was removed as it showed a bit of colour but there's photos that got nominated with more colour then black. bit unfair!
1 month ago - Thanks for the likes guys :)
1 month ago - I wasn't nominated, but I hope to succeed, learn and grow.
1 month ago - gl all
1 month ago - i see that this app has no idea what is photography
1 month ago - Thank you so much for the nomination Snapwire!!!
1 month ago - thank you for the nomination)