Facing Extinction

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As November approaches, we take note of what we are most thankful for. If we continue down the path of doing harm to our world, is what or who you are thankful for in danger of becoming extinct?

Yvon Chouinard said “the cure for depression is action.” As photographers we document the world around us and educate people through imagery; it is our way of expressing opinions and igniting change. Let’s show the world what we care about and what the repercussions will be if we do not change our path of action.

For this challenge share these stories in order to educate and emphasize the climate crisis. Capture who you are thankful for, what you would miss most if circumstances don’t change, and ways you see our world changing right now.

Post your images on social media, tagging #swfacingextinction so we can share them on our pages and use or platform to voice our cry for help.

View our recent blog post for inspiration: https://www.snapwi.re/blog/facingextinction

Inspirational images L2R: Sash Alexander, Pavel Vorobyev, and Blake Bronstad

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