Green or Renewable Energy

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This challenge is about Green and Renewable Energy. The best photo gets $75, and the most creative will be chosen for the Premium Collection.

A growing world brings with it growing energy needs. In order to cope with this greater need for energy, there has been a great movement toward many forms of Green and Renewable sources of energy. These modern forms of energy production are an important part of powering our daily lives. For this Snapwire challenge, we want to see images of modern Green Technology. Subjects for this challenge can focus on a range of different topics such as: Solar Power, Wind Power, Geothermal energy, Biofuel, or Hydroelectricity. Any form of clean, renewable, and green energy is suitable for this challenge. So get out there and show us those sources of renewable energy around you. Good luck and Happy Shooting!

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Right: ©lydurs/flickr

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