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Easter is coming soon, it is about new beginnings and religious beliefs. In this Snapwire Challenge, we want to see your best Easter themed images. No matter what your holiday tradition is, we are interested in seeing what Easter means to you. Examples can be preparation or decoration for Easter, an Easter Egg hunt with kids and friends, dressed up for Easter, a celebratory meal with family, a display of delicious Easter candies in a basket or the Easter Bunny itself. Keep things positive, vibrant, and colorful. Happy Shooting and Happy Easter!

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1 year ago - Hi @Snapwire today is Palm Sunday and as tradition we give a Palm to friends and family as Peace symbol! My uploaded shots try to communicate this tradition! ;) Hope you will like them. Waiting for your kind answer. Barbara
1 year ago - Hi @Angelique, if you go giving look at the nominated photos you can see that Snapwire give us an advice about their preferred once, so we can upload more carefully looking at those and reading the brief too!! ;)
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