Ladies Only! Happy International Women's Day!

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To celebrate International Women's Day we want to feature and get to know the Ladies of Snapwire! For this Challenge, show us your favorite shots Lady Photographers!

Submissions can be of anything, but must be taken/submitted by a woman in order to be considered for a nomination/purchase.

Mothers, Daughters, Teachers, Friends, Fighters, Fashionistas and overall Boss Babes - we are so thankful and appreciative for all you do to make the world a better, more beautiful place.

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1 week ago - Sorry, is it possible to remove entries? I didn't read it right, photo's by women photographers not photos of women photographers, sorry I'm an idiot..
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1 week ago - Schulze, you accumulate points by having your photo(s) nominated.
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2 weeks ago - This is. general question- how do you accumulate points to level up? Is it when people start following you?
2 weeks ago - Looks like some men on here need to actually read the brief!
2 weeks ago - love my daughter and my granddaughter..
2 weeks ago - I suppose there will be a similar challenge for guys
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