Moving Day

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This Snapwire Challenge revolves around Moving Day and all the steps of moving. Moving can be an exciting or stressful process. You need to get everything packed up and secured in boxes and ready to move. You may need to rent a large moving truck, or hire a professional service to help you out. No matter how many, or how few the things you move, moving is a hard job. We want to see your images any of the steps and items involved with a move. Whether it be the stacks of boxes being moved out of a house, items being wrapped up for protection, or an expertly packed moving truck ready to go. Get out there and Get Moving. Good Luck and Happy Shooting!

All Example Images Used Under Creative Commons 2.0 License:

example 1: ©Nathan O'Nions via Flickr
example 2:©Beth Kanter via Flickr
example 3:©Bill Ohl via Flickr

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