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For this Snapwire Challenge we are visiting a subject that many of you may be familiar with. Tomorrow is officially the last day to file your taxes, and if you've taken those taxes somewhere for filing, you've definitely done a fair amount of paperwork. For this challenge we are looking for images of people signing papers, details of their signatures being written, or just the act of someone writing by hand. Please keep all writing utensils modern in style and stray from quill or calligraphic pens (they look neat, but haven't really been in style with businessmen since 1890). So practice that artists' signature and possibly make some money while you're at it. Good Luck and Happy Shooting!

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4 years ago - Haha! That's very clever. I can tell you're a lateral thinker.
4 years ago - So a chef would have a 'signature dish' and a mum would show her child and a cat owner his feline friend :) 😃😜
4 years ago - Good detective work. Maybe google translate failed them. I was thinking maybe google translated signature to 'something you are known/famous for'
4 years ago - I think I have worked it out! It appears that everyone that posted a random photo comes from a country where English is not their native language.
4 years ago - Maybe Jo... Could all be of Dali based inspirations!
4 years ago - Lol Talia!! Maybe we've missed something ...
4 years ago - Hmmm... Jo I have been going through it to see if there is a connection but there are just so many random babies, plants and meals that it's hurting my brain.
4 years ago - It's like a game, you have to try and find the connection between the pictures to find out why so many are tagged incorrectly. I think a lot are 'hands' because hand is in the title what's your guess :)
4 years ago - That's what I would like to know too Steve. Very strange!
4 years ago - What on earth is going on here?!?!! 😕